Mechanical Construction

Jacoby Medical Center

Trystate has the expertise to construct a wide variety of projects, as either a subcontractor or mechanical prime contractor. Our in-house mechanical engineers, project managers, pipe drafters, Local 638A union pipefitters, and LEED specialists have the get-it-done attitude to complete projects within approved budgets and schedules. With a depth of engineering, LEED, and technical expertise, our professionals take great pride in providing a sophisticated platform of services while demonstrating an ethic of safety, quality, and reliability.
Museum of Contemporary Art

Case Study: New Museum of Contemporary Art

Trystate has played a role in constructing some of the NYC metropolitan area’s most prestigious facilities. One example is the New Museum of Contemporary Art. The seven-story, 58,700-square-foot facility was named one of the architectural New Seven Wonders of the World by Conde Nast Traveler in 2008. The small footprint of the site and the unique architectural and structural design of the floor plans resulted in a hybrid of mechanical systems. The building’s heating plant utilizes gas-fired boilers, and the chilled water is generated from rooftop air-cooled chillers. Air handling units are located on various floors, and humidification control is a key element of the system.