Energy Solutions

Octagon Building

Trystate Mechanical is able to leverage a broad range of sustainable energy solutions capabilities for the benefit of its customers. As a prime mechanical contractor, Trystate has completed a variety of green energy projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. Serving as the prime, Trystate is responsible for all phases of the project and all of the different subcontractors, including structural steel, roofing, electrical, and plumbing. Our green projects include fuel cell installations, cogen plants, and microturbine installations for clients ranging from hotels to computer data centers to hospitals.

Case Study: United Technologies

One long-time customer, United Technologies, was able to take advantage of Trystate’s expertise in constructing green projects as its Mechanical Prime Contractor. Working in partnership with United Technologies’ UTC Power division, Trystate successfully completed installations of fuel cells and microturbines. For example, Trystate was retained for installation of the on–site generation portion of a data center. This CHP has fourteen (14) natural–gas powered microturbines capable of producing 840 kilowatts. The facility keeps two microturbines in reserve and uses the remaining units to produce 720 kW. Those twelve microturbines satisfy about half of the facility’s annual power usage. The waste heat from the microturbines is captured and used to energize two absorption chillers. Following the installation, this data center required 22 percent less fuel than what would be needed if it were tied to the grid, and avoided some 2,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. For more background information, view National Geographic’s article.