Mechanical Service

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A leading provider of mechanical service in the New York metro area, Trystate’s clients benefit from robust engineering and technical capabilities. Our extensive offerings include preventative maintenance, retro-commissioning services, time and material work, quoted maintenance and repair, emergency service work, replacement work, boiler service, and chiller service.

Our preventative maintenance agreements cover a wide range of equipment—from refrigeration to roof-top units to central plant operations. Our ability to maintain a building’s energy management control system guarantees the equipment operates at peak efficiency. Whether replacing or upgrading an HVAC system, we offer just the right technical or design support.

Working directly for a wide range of clients, our staff of Local 638B union service technicians maintains buildings throughout the New York metropolitan area. The company’s fleet of service vehicles is also available for emergency service 24 hours a day. Corporate, residential, and cultural institutions rely on Trystate’s team to perform smaller construction installations, as well as service and maintain their equipment. These small construction projects range from basic DX systems to more complex heating and cooling projects.

Service offerings include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Retro-commissioning services
  • Time and material work
  • Quoted maintenance and repair
  • Emergency service work
  • Replacement work
  • Boiler and chiller service